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Revised -7/30/14 Terms of Service - To be read and acknowledged

The Worcester Housing Authority’s (WHA) Housing Choice Voucher Program will assess a one time fee according to the schedule below to each landlord (individual tax ID’s) for unlimited access to the Property Owner On-Line Services.

The remittance will be deducted from the first Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) paid to you.

No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the completeness or accuracy of the data herein, or for its use or interpretation. Use of this site acknowledges that the user accepts The Worcester Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program liability disclaimer.

One time Fee Schedule:
3 or fewer units* $ 45
4-50 units $ 60
More than 50 units $100

*Note: The number of units is based on federal tax ID number. If a property owner has several separate corporations with individual tax ID number for which he/she receives HAP payments, a separate fee will be assessed for each ID number.